Sunday, 2 August 2015

Monsoon Eye make up trends..

Magic at Sight – Eye Makeup Trends 2015

Yes, we all know 2015 is slowly approaching half way to its finale. But don’t forget beauties you have the entire fall-winter season to rock with your clothes and makeup. Eyes are insight to the soul and beautiful eyes make that process easy J whether you are a pro makeup artist or a newbie, worry not. Our guide will help you to get those eyes to die for! Let the eye games begin…

Winter blues is a term that has been glorified in umpteen songs and movies. With designers like Marc Jacobs banking on this stunning eye colour for their runway shows is just perfect for this season. Mac and Shiseido have some awesome shimmering shades of cobalt and royal blue to add that edgy eye drama. Cream versions which can be patted along from lash line to crease are just oooo-laaa-laaaa. What’s more all shades from Curacao to powder blue work for all skin colour types. Bleed blue beauties!

One colour which has joined the blue bandwagon is Purple. Catwalks have vouched for this colour throughout the runway seasons. Get ready to invade your makeup kits with shades of orchid, lavender, lilac. Start with tips of the eyes on the outside instead of going overboard with the colour as it has tendency to wash out your lips.

Can’t get enough of the retro 70’s? Well you can still be super sexy while playing retro. Opt for straight flicks and angular shapes to rock the graphic eyeliner trend. Instantly modern, instantly cool!

We love getting Catty…Don’t we? Admit it we all girls do. There are tons of DIY videos on Youtube to give you that amateur to expert tutorials on how to do the cat eye look. They accentuate your face like no other eye trend. If you worried about smudging, use a thin cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to get a clean neat line. While we talk about catty, the envy can’t be behind. A pop of green eye shadow on a neutral face adds that zingy finish to your look.

 Pic courtesy-Internet

Extra-long false lashes will give you the doll like prettiness to enjoy the winter’s chilly weather. Versace, Gucci, Prada and Top Shop showcased their models with cloggy mascaras for those voluminous, long lashes in their Autumn-Winter Shows 2015.
For the makeup lovers who try to push it a mile further, ethereal white eye shadow and liner will do the trick for you. Catwalk beauty trends screamed white with Tibi, Jenny Peckham, Alice + Olivia, and Altuzarra playing with white in uber glam ways. Inner corner of eyes are the place where you can highlight this basic bold shade. Pair it with hot pink and orange lipstick for that extra pop out effect
Glitter and bling is here to stay for long. It is not a one season wonder. Go for gold, silver, bronze, copper, whichever metal you consider your best friend. Metallic look is huge from accessories to clothing and now to make your eyes shine and sparkle J
Move away lipstick lovers. Autumn/Winter 2015 is all about those gorgeous eyes. Drum-rolls please!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Nude is the new U…

Nude is the new U…

“Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident”-written by my favorite makeup artist Bobby Brown, Pioneer in launching nude make up line, she believed in natural make up which not only highlight’s  a woman’s eternal beauty but gives her more confidence to be herself…
Make up does not mean you have to wear bright lipstick, colorful eyes or more than required blush…Highlight one part of the face where you feel you are more confident to carry it off. If you are a no makeup person, who is willing to learn how to wear makeup Nudes are best way to start off with …as it gives you a natural look which gives  you more confidence and lets you be yourself..
Nudes are the best product to invest in. Firstly, It never looks over done!! Second, you can wear it anywhere you wish to: Parties, Work, and Daily wear….check out this new collection from Bobbi brown.


From the pink sands of Bermuda to the black sands of Hawaii, the Sandy Nudes Collection evokes the warm hues of beaches around the world. With options for eyes, face, lips and nails–all designed to layer and blend effortlessly–it’s the epitome of easy summer beauty.
Not necessarily, you have to invest in products which carry a high price tag, you can also pick up similar shades in departmental brands which give you good quality as well as lighter on your wallet. For lips you can go with Revlon Color-stay ultimate suede lipstick iconic nude, L’Oreal Paris Riche Nudes, beige crème…..

For eyes you can opt for simple pink shades which are subtle and classy, if you would like to try nudes for eyes naked palette by Urban decay is the best! You can go ahead with shimmer gold or beige on the eye and smoke it out with any darker shades like black, grey or brown. Do not forget to highlight your eyes with kaajal and loads of mascara….

Keep it simple with the blush - some earthy color with some highlighter on the cheekbones. That does wonders to complete the whole nude look.
So, Go girls, Carry off this look anytime, anywhere, everywhere…

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Make up for this Summer

As approaching to the hottest season, we start to worry what make up to put on as we might sweat and ruin our make up embarrassing ourselves. Coming from Hyderabad as my home town I know the heat what every woman in the city goes through summers .But don’t you worry I am here to help to knowing some tips about make up in summers…
My friends, relatives and Brides ask for an advice on what make up to wear in this heating up summer which would not look cakey and more or less sweat proof…So here are few questions which might run into your mind
1.       What is the best make up in summer?
2.       Should I wear waterproof, mineralized or regular base?
3.       What colours are in? and so on….

So, let’s start with lesson 1. Which is the base of everything “keep your skin Hydrated” . Have lots of water, lemon soda or any of your favourite juice which will help your skin to be healthy and you will get a natural glow..
The basics of prepping the skin with primer serum is already discussed in my previous blog so I am going to skip that part...
Choose your foundation wisely; try one colour close to your skin tone on one side of your face and try another on the other side, go out in sun and check which looks the best as natural light is the best light to judge your make up. I would recommend my personal favourite Mac match master or loreal and Revlon are also good brands to invest in.

Mineralising ones are very good for summers it soaks in and doesn’t give a cakey look. Look for a foundation which is like all in one concealer, compact and foundation. As for the blush go in for a cooler shades, preferably powder based as creamy ones might make your face look oily. Pink would be the best to invest for a long term basis, u can go in for a matte one for regular use and shimmer for any special occasion. This you could buy from any good brand without burning your pocket...

As for make up there is no fixed trend of colours you should always wear what you are comfortable in but there is no harm in trying something new. If  you are a person  who likes to be subtle then you can go for some warm colours of baby pink beige golden  for eyes  and little darker on the lips. If you are a person who likes to experiment with make up you can play around with pinks, blues or even black but make sure you highlight any one part of your face either your eyes or your lips. BLUE is the colour for summers, U can experiment with that colour blending it with some beige in the inner corner and blue on the outer corner, this look can be carried off for day as well as night make up. U can even try blue smoky look which goes well for partying. Play off with different shades of pinks ranging from rani pink to fusia pink for your lips. Complete your look with a nice liner or a kajal with mascara preferably waterproof. Lakme eyekonic is economical as well as waterproof.

Pics taken from internet only for reference purposes.

Essentials in your purse:
Do not forget to carry your compact everywhere, you could use it as a touch up anywhere everywhere, lipstick and kajal are your back up
Blend each any every type of product which you use on your face. Remember makeup doesn’t mean you should possibly show the world u have some on…
 Look Scorching hot this summer and beat the heat with tips in this article…

Thursday, 17 July 2014


HI everyone, Today i want to share something which each and everyone wishes to have ...A Glowing Skin.

For your Big Day or any special occasion,every girl wishes to have a flawless glowing skin where her soul mate admires her ...

Much before your D day comes make sure you are less stressed about things not falling into place, I can understand there is lot  of kiosk and things going  hay why all around during the wedding ( i had panic attacks) but would be brides please do not panic everything will be taken care of, You have to concentrate on you looking like a princess on your wedding...

Well here are few secrets which help you to glow at the right parts of  your face making you look very fresh and Picturesque..

First I would like to start with the basic home glowing ingredient-WATER. It is magic believe me, make sure you drink at-least 8- 10 glasses of water  everyday preferably warm, it makes your skin glow from within so on your big day your skin will be well hydrated and will need less of hydrating products.
If your skin is very dry, try using hydrating serum on the face on a regular basis which will again help you look fresh all day long.
If you have an oily skin do not use more of the hydrating products as it might change to more oily later apply very less all over.
You can also use a highlighter for a nice glowing look. There are many brands who have highlighters for the face, You can apply where you think its really needed, usually it is to be applied on the cheek bone where you blush the most.
You can also use the hydrater after u applied the make up ,even that does wonders. it helps your make up stay longer as well as fresh..
Here are few lists of products which can help you to hydrate your skin

LAKME Absolute Skin Gloss 

MAC  Hydrating Spray

These are the two best hydrating product which i feel are the best but you do get these in other brands as well..
and highlighters are available in all the brands so go and get that kin finish glowing face......

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Monsoon Weddings....

Hello Everyone,

Today i wanna talk all about the beautiful Brides getting married during the monsoon season,As i am learning Professional hair and make up now i know the minor details about how to take care of the skin,how would i apply make up for a monsoon wedding.

Here are few quick tips which i like to share which might be easy and handy:

1. First of all always always always Cleanse ur skin, tone and moisturize the face very well.
2.  Keep your skin healthy by getting a regular clean up as in rainy season it tends to oil up and the dirt gets       accumulated in the pores.
3. PRIME your skin before make up.U can buy any good face primer for controlling the oil on the face and giving it a flawless look.MY personal favourite is MAC prep+prime, it has good glittery particles in it.but INGLOT also has a very good primer.

U can just take about a pinch and blend well on the skin (especially on d "T" zone).\

4. Next Use a waterproof Foundation all over your face Kryolan has a very good range of waterproof products which will help your make up stay longer.
5.Do not forget to conceal the under tones of the face with a concealer and then powder it with some nice translucent loose face powder.Again u get nice loose powders in almost all the brands but professionally it would be Kryolan, MAC and Inglot.
6..For eyes- Usually we put eye primer separately for the eye shadow to emphasize more but its ok if u do not want to spend separately for the primer, u can actually use the same concealer on the eye lid which also gives u a great effect.
Go in for some nice aqua colors for the eyes and can use a cream based eye shadows.

7.Do not forget to apply a waterproof mascara as it might just blot if it rains or u cry.
8.U can even apply the concealer on the lips and then apply lipstick. do not forget to add a dash of gloss on the center of ur lips.But before that do not forget to balm ur lips everyday ( it wont crack or dry up on your D DAY
9. Go pink or nude with the lips works well with nice aqua smokey eyes.
10. As you are automatically going to blush on ur day its alright if the blush is less its going to give you a natural highlight on your cheek bones.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I was watching an award show recently and i happened to notice the "perfect Lips" of the celebrities...

The new season of make up would be nude make up with just Hot Bright Lips, Its actually very easy and not much time consuming..

Once U are done with your base,foundation,concealer, Start with priming your lips with any good brand for a lip primer, I would suggest MAC or Inglot as it gives a natural finish on the skin.Make sure your lips are well moisturized before hand.

U can even apply a concealer before using any Lip products.
  • Take a nice bright shade of lip pencil, start outlining the lower lip from the center till the corners.
  • On the upper lip start with the cupid bow, make sure its nice and soft curve.
  • from the cupid bow tilt the face and make an angel downwards to the corners.Join the corners
  • Fill the lip with the liner itself
  • Take the liner brush and fill in with the desired lipstick( make sure the lip pencil and the lipstick you are using are of same colors)
  • dab the lipstick with a cotton pad or a tissue removing off the excess.( Controls the leaking of the lip color)
  • Top cote again with lipstick.( you can use lip brush or directly apply- whichever is comfortable)
  • Conceal the corners of the lips if required 
  • You can  also apply a gloss for a glossy look. (just at the center of the lips)

  AND its Done! Choose a very vibrant color like Pinks or reds even corals work well.I would suggest Ruby Woo from MAC for a sexy red lip.
Corals and Pinks are really good in color-bar.
And make sure You team it up with light eye make up and blush.

Enjoy the bright lips and dont forget to Pout....

Saturday, 14 June 2014

1930- 1950 s make up and hair

Hi Guys,

I m so so sorry that wasn't been blogging off late that I have many more blogs n fresh contents to compensate...

I had recently been to a fashion show where the inspiration was 1930's. I was mesmerized by the make up and the hair do's, It was very sophisticated and feminine.I got so inspired that I am writing on it today.

Basically 1930's to 1950's was more or the less same hair do's and make up.
Lets start with the Eyes- It is more of a liner look with winged just above your upper lash line. It was more dark and very neat. It was " my eyes says a lot of things" kinda look.The eye shadow would be a natural shade and the eyebrows were kind of thin and well shaped. here is the picture of how one can do a winged eyeliner

U can use Maybeline liner it gives you a intense and depth, the brush comes with the product moves very smoothly.
Lips- The lips in the early 30's was dark maroons, deep purple and burgundy,  and in the late 40,s RED lips became high fashion note and the trend.Prime your lips then apply a lip liner preferably hot red color apply on the outer lip line, fill it with the same lip liner and then apply the same shade of lipstick on the lips., pat it dry with a tissue and look is complete.

One of our favorite legend Marilyn Monroe who portrayed this look as a very sensuous and dynamic look which is been followed till now.
Mac- cherry?ruby woo.
courtesy- pinterest.

More prominent than make up in the era of 1930’s to 1950’s was HAIR. With blow dryers and curling irons yet to be convenient tools for today’s women, Women in that era had to find creative ways to achieve the gorgeous looks we see in today’s world.

Pin curls, rag curls were a very popular style in that generation.They used to wrap sections of their wet hair around rags and tie knots in them, or twirl them around bobby pins, overnight, to get the flowing waves. It takes us about 20 to 30 minutes to create with heat products.